Our team can guide you through the whole process of offering personalized product experience to your consumers.
Scanning and imagery
Product personalization
Manufacturing network
Just-in-time manufacturing
Real-time data management


Combine your specific expertise with our knowledge in additive manufacturing and product personalization to create added-value product and a stronger consumer experience.

We can help improve fit, function and form of your product while reducing weight, lead time and cost

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Scanning and imagery Our 3D imaging team has work with most popular technologies: Real Sense, Structure, X-ray, MRI and can orient towards the most appropriate choice depending on the application.
Product personalization Instantly personalize your product to your consumer’s specifications with our digital platform SpecifX. It’s the opportunity to offer a unique personalization experience to your consumers. What is SpecifX
Manufacturing network Our team has international connections with the best 3D printing service providers and printing system manufacturers to help you build a reliable 3D printing manufacturing network.
Just-in-time manufacturing Our experts can help in establishing a seamless logistical chain to ensure a sustainable mass customization experience.
Real-time data management From 3D scan, 3D model, 3D printed parts, assembly and delivery every step generates digital files that need to be traceable and stored securely.
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