Instantly personalize your products The only software dedicated to personalization of 3D models

How does SpecifX work?

Once you’ve designed your product in any CAD software, SpecifX takes the 3D model and instantly personalize it to your consumers’ specifications

Specialized solution

Reduce delay and cost

associated with the creation of personalized 3D models
  • Instantly create personalized products and send them directly to manufacturing.
  • The simplicity of it’s interface makes it easy to use for non-engineers.
  • SpecifX instantly digitally personalize the 3D model of your product to your consumers’ specifications.
  • Reduce time, therefore cost, spent on designing custom parts.

Custom Workflow

Bolster productivity and control

Get your own personalization workflow based on Product requirements • Imagery • Consumer’s preferences • Medical diagnostic • Quality control • Etc.

Made for production

Highly scalable Create thousands of personalized parts every week. Generation of the 3D personalized
models can be fully automated if desired.

Simple integrated solution

Streamline your operations

Use one intuitive solution to personalize your product. From scan rectification, to manufacturing, manage all steps in SpecifX.

See SpecifX in action
Custom Software Our development team has a unique expertise in imagery, visualization, 3D modeling and algorithmic. Discuss your needs with our experts.
OEM Solution We can as well integrate directly with 3D printing equipment to help machine manufacturers add value to their offering
Integrate and Connect Our platform can be integrated in your own software or online applications. Offer a powerful personalization experience to your consumers.